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Co-Mediation is an option available to individuals working to develop a plan or to resolve a dispute. I work closely with a Psychologist who is available to join me in providing co-mediation services. Dr. Judith Clark is a licensed psychologist and a certified professional coach. She also is available to coach individuals involved in mediation.

Co-mediation is often the optimum process to settle a dispute. It offers the benefit of working with two professionals who bring their complementary skills and experience to the process.

Working together, Judith Clark and Nora Daniels are able to provide a practical, comprehensive approach to mediation. They can work together with the parties to broaden the lines of communication and encourage creative, resourceful approaches to resolving a dispute. Having two sets of eyes and ears, different backgrounds, experience, outlooks, education and skill sets, can facilitate agreements between the parties while enhancing their ability to communicate with each other during and after the mediation process. This can be especially important when the parties want or need to maintain an ongoing relationship with each other

In addition, co-mediators are able to model active listening and respectful conversation throughout the mediation process. Their respective insights and approaches help to provide a balance that enhances comfort and is conducive to effective communication and problem solving.

As a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Clark can offer observations and insights about the process and can provide tools to assist the parties in their relationships. As an attorney, Nora Daniels can benefit parties by assisting them in grasping the legal issues, responsibilities, ramifications and procedural matters that are inherent to their dispute and how these factors may ethically, expeditiously and reasonably be settled.

The complementary backgrounds, approaches, insights and areas of expertise presented by Judith Clark and Nora Daniels enhance their ability to brainstorm with each other and with the parties so as to establish a workable, practical and fair resolution, all in a comfortable atmosphere that is away from the intrinsic stresses and imbalance of a courtroom or hearing.

If you would like to become more informed about how Mediation or Co-Mediation can assist you in addressing your dispute, please feel free to contact Attorney Nora Daniels at (781) 444-8888 or (888) 444-8881, or by e-mail at, and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.

Additionally, please refer to Dr. Clark's website at, or call her directly at
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