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Nora Daniels

Areas of Practice

Attorney Nora Daniels is a certified mediator and she assists clients in mediating their concerns in the following areas:

- Prenuptial Agreements
- Family and Family Business Concerns (including Family Partnerships)
- Divorce and Separation Issues
- Mediation to Stay Married (Marital Mediation and Couples Mediation)
- Estate, Guardianship and Elder Care Matters
- Real Estate and Zoning Matters
- Neighborhood Disputes
- Business to Business Matters
- Employment and Workplace Conflicts
- Commercial Disputes
- Personal Injury and Tort Claims

If you would like to become more informed about how this office can assist you in mediating your concerns or matter, please feel free to contact this office by telephone (781-444-8888 or 888-444-8881) or by email ( and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.

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