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Although many feel our society has become increasingly litigious and that professional services have become costly, impersonal, robotic and at times mediocre; the acumen, professionalism, dependability, and commitment of this office all serve to assist clients to resolve the most complex of legal problems in a reasonable and cost-effective manner. Attorney Nora Daniels remains committed to providing ongoing superior services to clients at reasonable rates and with personalized service.

It is important to appreciate that disputes can be costly as well as the fact that Parties are entitled to commensurate compensation. As such, this office is sensitive to case budgets, the need to properly utilize resources, and the concern for avoiding protracted and unwarranted public litigation. Attorney Nora Daniels will work with you to set goals and to implement custom-tailored solutions that address your present needs while taking into consideration your finances and future interests.

For over thirty years, Attorney Nora Daniels has successfully served the needs of individuals and businesses in the presentation and in the defense of a myriad matters before administrative agencies and in the District and Superior Courts of Massachusetts, while still remaining cost effective and avoiding protracted and unwarranted public litigation.
This office can assist you in the following matters:
​Family Law Matters
Personal injury Claims
Restraining Orders, 209A Orders, Harassment Orders and Stay Away Orders 
​ The office provides our clients with written fee agreements that set forth our hourly rates and responsibilities and we have flexible office hours and appointments. Please feel free to contact this office 781-444-8888 or by email at, and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns. Use the links from this website resources to find out additional information that may be of assistance to you.

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