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Mediation by Choice

Family Law


Attorney Nora Daniels represents Parties in divorce and separation proceedings, negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements, partnership agreements and other Family Law matters such as child custody, adoption, support, alimony issues and modifications of judgments.

She has successfully represented clients in numerous complex proceedings, where the issues in dispute include custody of children, special needs children, and alimony. Nora Daniels has substantial experience in the valuation of business interests, pension, and retirement plan benefits, attribution of income to a non-working, under-employed or former spouses, allocation of trust benefits, and the determination of the weight in which pre-nuptial or partnership agreements have upon a couples’ separation. The office is prepared to handle all of the above proceedings as they relate to gay and lesbian couples. This office will work with experienced professional consultants whenever necessary and appropriate to address clients’ best interests.

Nora Daniels is committed to taking both a realistic and a holistic approach to clients’ interests and to using her experience to ascertain, assert and protect her clients’ interests in what is often an emotionally, financially and spiritually challenging period of their lives. Her policy is to determine the most appropriate and result orientated method for her clients to achieve their goals while protecting their interests, taking into account her clients’ changing needs, and to address their future familial and financial planning concerns.

Attorney Nora Daniels has the experience and the specialized training to assist her clients in Family Law matters through the process of Mediation, Collaborative Law or Civil Litigation. Additionally, Nora Daniels offers Co- Mediation Services for Family Law and Civil matters as well as Mediation To Stay Married.

If you would like to become more informed about how this office can assist you in settling your concerns or matter, please feel free to contact this office by telephone (781-444-8888 or 888-444-8881) or by email ( and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.