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Mediation by Choice

Limited Assistance Representation “LAR”


 In Massachusetts, upon written agreement between you and your attorney, your attorney can represent you in only a ‘portion’ of your legal matter; this is called “Limited Assistance Representation” or "LAR".

LAR also allows an attorney to represent a client for a specific amount of time and for a specific phase or section of a legal matter.

Some of the matters commonly addressed with LAR services include:

  • Appearing in court on your behalf for a specific matter such as a motion for temporary orders or a 209A hearing;

  • Properly preparing documents that are required to be filed in Court, such as initial divorce filings (joint petition or complaint for divorce), Answers to a Complaint, motions, discovery documents, pre-trial memorandums, discovery motions (such as motions for protective orders)  and financial statements;

  • Drafting and reviewing divorce and separation agreements;

  • Reviewing, analyzing and explaining various pleading and documents , such as include settlement proposals, tax returns and other financial documents, or purchase and sales contracts;

  • Providing information and advice about court procedures, while you represent yourself in court.

Attorney Nora Daniels has been trained and she is certified to provide “LAR” services through the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court.

If you cannot afford the financial cost of having an attorney represent you in all parts of your legal matter or if you just want the assistance of a skilled and highly experienced attorney for certain portions of your legal matter, Attorney Nora Daniels can assist you in the following areas:  

  • Divorce, including custody, child support, alimony, and property division

  • Modifications

  • Contempts

  • Guardianships

  • Visitation

  • Collection actions and defenses

  • Purchase and Sales Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Business Dissolutions

  • Firearms Law

  • Credit Restoration and Repair

With LAR representation, we require written fee agreements and depending on the type of matter and the scope of the representation, fees may either be paid on a flat-fee basis or on an hourly basis.  If you would like to discuss whether Limited Assistance Representation or “LAR” would be appropriate for your matter, please feel free to contact this office by telephone (781-444-8888 or 888-444-8881) or by email ( and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.