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Mediation by Choice

Mediation by Choice

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation is frequently the most productive, efficient, cost-effective and financially responsible method of solving a dispute. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral person (the Mediator) assists disputing Parties to identify and clarify issues, develop options, work toward a mutually beneficial resolution and enter into a settlement agreement, all within a environment that encourages flexibility, informed decision making and maintains focus on interests of the Parties, their concerns, their goals, and their needs.

Mediation, like Collaborative Law, is a process that enables Parties in conflict to work together and overcome differences to create mutually acceptable solutions. The process of Mediation is flexible and has no formal rules or procedures, rather it is determined by the Parties and is guided by the Mediator. The Mediator serves as a neutral third party facilitator to the Parties and provides them with resources and information. The Mediator does not act as a judge nor does the Mediator impose decisions on the Parties. Instead, all decision making remains in the hands of the Parties themselves. It is the Parties that control the dispute, not a judge, not the media, rather the Parties who have both the most to win and the most to lose from their decisions.

Unlike Litigation in the courtroom, the Parties to Mediation attend and participate voluntarily. Neither Party is compelled to speak and when either Party does participate he or she participates in a setting in which they are treated with respect and in which the Mediator guides the process - based upon the Parties’ interests. The process is confidential and what is said between the Parties does not automatically become part of a public record presented in a Court under tense and combative circumstances. Mediation gives Parties the option to work with a trained neutral third party in order to negotiate a settlement without an overwhelming investment of time, emotional exposure or financial resources. Unlike a trial, Mediation can help Parties work towards improving their communication with each other, and to reach their goals in a manner that is not financially destructive or irresponsible.

The Mediation Process is specifically geared towards the mutually beneficial resolution of disputes and the sharing of the information necessary to resolve the disputes by making careful, informed pro-active decisions. One important goal of Mediation is to reduce conflict between Parties by helping the individuals resolve disputes quickly and move forward with their lives. Unlike Litigation through the Court, meeting dates and times are flexible. Mediation sessions with Nora Daniels and are conducted in informal settings, allowing Parties to make informed decisions, conserve their financial resources, and minimize unnecessary emotional and professional conflicts.

Mediation sessions with Attorney Nora Daniels are confidential.

The Office of Nora Daniels provides Mediation services for the following types of disputes:

-Mediation to Stay Married (Marital Mediation and Couples Mediation)

- Prenuptial Agreements

- Divorce and Separation Issues

- Family and Family Business Concerns (including Family Partnerships)

- Estate, Guardianship and Elder Care Matters

- Real Estate and Zoning Matters

- Neighborhood Disputes

- Business to Business Matters

- Employment and Workplace Conflicts

- Commercial Disputes

- Personal Injury and Tort Claims

Attorney Nora Daniels is a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (MCFM) and the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).  To discuss how Mediation may best suit your interests and settle your dispute, please feel free to contact Attorney Nora Daniels by telephone (781-444-8888 or 888-444-8881) or by email ( and schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your concerns.